Hello! I’ve recently started a FB marketing campaign using the following landing page.

The page is showing a good deal of traffic however I am having conversion issues. I have Hotjar installed and have posted in several marketing groups I’m a member of. As a result I’ve seen 30 recordings in Hotjar over the last two days.

I’m aware of the Hotjar recording issue of url popups, however I’ve seen multiple confirmation page loads after a user submits their email to capture. That being said, I’m not showing any captures in Unbounce other than my own tests. This seems strange to me?

I’m also integrated with Infusionsoft and it’s not showing any email captures? Any suggestions?



Hey @Chris_Franklin

If I understand correctly you are wondering why you are not getting any results on this page? Yet you’re seeing action in HotJar and the assumption is something is wrong with the tools?

In terms of HotJar, Infusionsoft, or any other tool on your LP I would need to look at the integration etc to see what is happening but from a Conversion design POV I’d like to make some suggestion.

The overall design is very nice. I like the colours and use of icons and imagery, but I find it very busy. There is a lot going on here. Lot’s to read. The first optimization action I would take here is to condense the copy significantly. Determine what is absolutely essential and work you way up from there. You could also run some A/B tests with different sets of copy to see what works best if you are unsure what to cut, but it still needs to be simplified tremendously - especially for FB!

Put yourself in the prospects shoes. Think about the voice and tone you need/want to use on FB in order drive traffic to this page. Then think about the mindset those individuals are in when they arrive from FB. The page needs to reflect that voice, tone, emotion. With the right use of words, placement of images and icons, you can seduce your users to take the action you want them to.

Also, you have bit of a rabbit and the hare CTA situation happening here. Meaning there are multiple CTAs and they are trying to catch up to each other. Try targeting one CTA at a time. Create a separate LP for each offer and target FB users based on those specific offers to drive more qualified traffic.

On mobile I would consider reducing panels significantly. Determine what you need for mobile users ONLY! Think about how they interact with your content on mobile. If you have a number, I would highly recommend call tracking and testing a “call only” campaign for mobile.

I’d love to see the data you have, see if it supports my feedback, etc.

In terms of FB and traffic @Stefano is an expert on that :slight_smile:

Message me if you need/want more help.

Landing Page Not Converting? Any suggestions?