How to use GTM to fire "convertables" on AdWords traffic?


I’m curious. How to use GTM to fire “convertables” on AdWords traffic? Idea being to use Google Tag Manager to define when “convertables” code is triggered (based on whether persons landed on a page with a URL that contains a “GCLID” parameter).



If I’m reading this right you only want the convertible to trigger when the url contains the GCLID parameter. I don’t think you even need GTM for this specific use case. I think Unbounce has you covered natively. Deploy the tag site wide on all pages in GTM.

Then in Unbounce select the trigger “on pages that contain” and put in gclid? provided gclid is not used in any regular site pages (given the nature of those 5 letters I kinda doubt that is in your menu structure).

And voila! Convertibles only fire on adwords pages. You could also setup a tracking template in AdWords that used the utm_content=“convertibles” and then tell UB to only fire on pages that contain utm_content=“convertibles” to be 1000% sure you were firing the convertible on the right pages.

Let me know if that solves your issue.



Joe, thanks for your help on this. Thing is that I’m not on Unbounce “Premium Plan” and so I can not use Unbounce for triggering “Convertables” only on AdWords traffic. That is why I was asking about using GTM for that purpose.


Hi Adrien,

There are a few ways to do what you want so here is a quick one:

1.) Create two variables 1) URL variable with Type set to Query and Key set to gclid. 2) JavaScript variable that would simply check if your gclid variable is present and return true or false.

2.) Set your trigger to your second variable, the one returning true/false and the condition set to contain - true.

3.) Finally, set your tag to fire based on step 2.

Like @Joe_Savitch said, you might have to fine tune it to fire only on certain pages if you are pushing paid traffic to more than your landing pages and the gclid would be present in those other URLs as well.



Thanks for your help on this. I appreciate.