How to upload our own homepage html to Unbounce?


Hi guys,

As we are new in Unbounce and couldn’t find an answer to our problem, we would like to get your opinions.

We want to upload our own homepage html to Unbounce but we couldn’t find a way.
We have tried to create a blank page and uploaded our own HTML there, but it didn’t work.

Waiting to hear your suggestions.


Hey @asklev Unbounce does not work like this. You can re-create the design for your homepage in UB by uploading the images you need and placing them appropriately, adding your copy, etc. You can create custom CSS classes for certain elements and add scripts as needed.

Can I ask why you need/want to do this? It isn’t really recommended to build a website in UB. It is meant for Landing Pages.


Thanks for your reply and sorry for my late response, @digibomb

We want to increase our SEO and adwords quality score performance.
So, we think changing some of the keywords in our homepage can solve this.
Because of that we want to do quick edits on our homepage with Unbounce.

We are going to try new Landing Pages also.