How to style forms with a custom layout? (involves multiple columns)


I want to achieve a form that looks like this:

It would be trivial to do with HTML/CSS, but I can’t quite figure out how to do it using the Unbounce template. It seems like the entire form has to be either one or two column.

What’s the best way to achieve the desired result?

Thanks for the help!


Hi @toads

It is not possible to do with the UB UI alone, but try out this script that was posted previously:

I have been looking for an easier way myself!


Hi! I´m a bit stuck with the step one.
How am I supposed to add a box to each form field if all my form fields are tied up together? (i. e. I cannot put a field inside a box without putting the other ones as well).

I´m sure I´m missing something.

Would anyone be so kind to offer a little explanation or a video about how to achieve this?



HI @Dario

You don’t place the field inside the box.
Start with just laying out your boxes. The script will essentially turn the boxes into fields.

Hope that helps!