How to send a GCLID to any CRM system [Google Click ID]


Hi guys,

We use Salesforce as our CRM system and I would love to gather additional information with each incoming lead, so we can (among others) better understand Customer Lifetime Value’s for different lead sources (SEM, Social Media Advertising, Content Marketing, etc.). At this point we have different Unbounce landing pages for different regions in our service area.

The integration Unbounce <> Salesforce works great, but I can’t find documentation on how to send GCLID information as a hidden field with each form submitted. Somehow a developer who is no longer working at my company stripped the url a visitor sees when visiting one of our Unbounce pages from any GCLID and UTM information.

Any help on how I can fix this is very, very much appreciated!




UPDATE: The problem has already been solved. Turns out the GCLID was visible in the URL’s when traffic came from another source, but I was using direct links within our infrastructure.