How to make a video play automaticaly on landing page


I would like to know how to make my embedded video play automatically when someone visits my landing page. Thanks.


Hi Easton - It depends on what website is hosting your video. If your using vimeo you can follow this guide:…

Youtube requires a similar setup. Simply grab the embed code and append


to the end of the url.…


Thanks! I’ll definitely give it a shot.


Hey Johnny or anyone else. I used this code to make a Vimeo video autoplay. It worked on Chrome for Mac but not on Chrome for iOS. Any tips for that?


Hey @joshlevitan!
Alyssa from Unbounce here :slight_smile:

I’m glad you got Autoplay working on your desktop version of your page! In regards to iOS and mobile in general - the different OS developers have intentionally disabled autoplay on mobile devices to reduce data usage, and prevent unwelcome or intrusive videos… You can read a good article on this here I suppose on a user experience level it’s nice if they get to click play :slight_smile:

Many Unbounce pages choose to hide the video background from the mobile version, and instead apply a mobile-only background image.
I hope this helps Josh! Feel free to let me know if you have any further questions on this :raised_hands: