How To Integrate a Survey into Unbounce


Hey There
New to unbounce so Hi all !! Wondering if I can integrate a survey onto a landing page?

Anyone be able to point me in the right direction?

Thanks a mil


Hi Vikki, welcome!

It depends on what you mean by integrate? Embed a survey from a third party? Link to a survey? Or, build one on Unbounce?

There are some great free and paid survey tools out there like Survey Monkey. If you’re going to build a survey on Unbounce you will need to essentially build a multistep form where each page is a question.

We recently just built one for a client here. Normally you would get to this survey via another CTA on another LP. Some traffic comes here directly. Basically it is 12 pages in Unbounce. Each page a question. The data gets passed page to page via hidden parameters. On the final page the button click sends the answers to an email address.

In this case we also have an A and B version of the survey and it can be targeted via different LPs and all this data is being tracked to see what works best.

If this what you’re looking for? If so DM me and we can discuss this further if you would like our help.


Hey Vikki,

Yes, I’d second everything Digibomb said. Just wanted to add another tool you might want to look at for this. If you’re doing a very simple survey, you can use something like Hotjar, which also has a ton of other features like heatmaps that works well with Unbounce.


Hi Guys
Thanks it would be a simple survey just want the easiest possible solution.
Am not a techy maybe hotjar is the way to go!


How simple? A few questions?

None of the options are tough, just takes time to build depending on scope.


Only 3 questions 2 radio button and 1 free form. Just completely new to unbounce so getting a handle on what I can and cannot do :slight_smile:


Ah, well in that case you should just create a single form on the page with the 3 questions. the form builder is pretty easy to use.


Welcome @vikki! Nice to have you here. :blush:

We’ve got some handy documentation here that can help you set up a form in your landing page. It sounds like that will give you the results you’re looking for.

Give us a shout if you have any questions about it!


Great example there. Do you know if those results back to sent back to the user filling out the survey . . or even giving them some sorta score if the survey was set-up that way? Could be another type of integration.



In this case only the company doing the survey gets those answers. However, yes you could send data back to the user if you wanted to with some custom js. Or a 3rd party tool like Mailchimp, etc.


Gotcha! Thanks for the response. I wasn’t sure if that data could be sent to MailChimp or other tool and trigger a response.


Yep, there’s an Unbounce integration for that


Is each form here a separate landing page? I thought you could only have one form in a page set?


Hi, what do I need if I were to embed the SurveyMonkey’s survey into the landing page?


Hi @emily.gan,

In order to embed 3rd party content, you’ll need to drag an HTML element on to your landing page.

After that place your SurveyMonkey HTML code inside of it, publish/republish and you should be good to go.

However, keep in mind that you might run into problems with how the survey is displayed on mobile devices.



Hi all,

Is it possible to track an embedded Survey on Unbounce?
I have a Typeform in an HTML block within a lightbox and wanting to A/B test this page. However, so far only Variant A is getting “conversions” even though people are filling out the survey on Variant B.

What is the best way to track this embedded conversion in Unbounce?
I couldn’t find anywhere on Typeform to add the external conversion tracking & Zapier doesn’t offer this Zap.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you


Hi @Kate_Hughes,

It’s been a while since I last used Typeform but if my memory serves me right, they only allow Google Analytics tracking for their forms.

You would need to setup GA with your form and track conversions through it.



Hey @Kate_Hughes! It might be worth looking into Outcome Quizzes from @outgrow, it might be able to give you the same results form your survey.

Outcome quizzes give a result in the form of a recommendation or a suggestion. Example: “Which insurance plan is right for you?”.

Also, we work closely with Zapier, so I’ll be sure to apply this feedback to our next upgrade :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope that helps!


Thank you for your replys @Hristian and @Jess



I’m interested in doing a multistep process similar to this, how do you get the hidden parameters to track the answers and push all that information as one at the end?