How to improve Page Speed


Hey guys,

I tested out my page on Google’s page speed tester and they gave it a score of 82/100.

They’ve listed a few things to fix but I’ve no idea how to do them in Unbounce.

Usually on wordpress I’d just a plugin to sort it out.

Any general tips on how to improve page speed? I’ve got CDN enabled.


Hey Ravi - you mentioned you enabled CDN acceleration, did you unpublish and re-publish your pages? You’ll want to re-publish them after enabling CDN. That being said, it’s hard to give a definitive answer without seeing your pages. If you’re using lots of third party code, or are using large images it can contribute to slower load times. I’ve opened up a Support Ticket for you so we can take a closer look. Check your email!


Hi Lou,

Thanks for the help.

I haven’t received any emails from you guys this morning so I’m not if your request went through?

But in any case, the page i want to speed up is titled ‘B12 4’.

It has a few images (inc a large one).

I’d like to upload the image(s) onto Amazon’s cloud and then insert the html image location but by doing this I can’t see the image and it makes placing the image difficult.


Hey Ravi - sorry about that, I’m not sure what happened there. We’re always working to improve load times (we recently added Cloudfront to speed the distribution of certain assets) but our pages are unlikely to ever be as fast as a static hand coded page.

That being said, I ran a few tests on your pages and they are performing on average at a load time of 1.40 seconds which is 82% faster than all tested websites. Check the email you use to login Unbounce with, I’ve sent more detail your way.



I’m also looking to speed up my Unbounce page,  apart that I have many images my unbounce page targets south korean audience so does location also matters?

Is there a way to optimize images so they can upload faster without giving up quality? 

Thank you! 


Hi Kenji, 
The location shouldn’t matter as much as the assets you’re actually delivering. While Unbounce does offer a small amount of compression during publishing, I recommend using an image optimizing platform before uploading your images into Unbounce. Here are some recommendations I’ve seen mentioned before: 



Hi Justin,

Do you recommend we use this for all image on our Unbounce pages?  If not, at what quantifiable point do you recommend we consider doing so?

Thanks for the tip!