How to hide whole section depending on url parameter


Hi!, I am trying to hide/show certain section depending on an utm parameter.

I cannot use dynamic text because it is not only text but images, basically it is a whole section. I used a script and the section is hidden correctly but not it’s contents, when I check the source code, I see that the contents are not “inside” the section, how can I ensure they are inside in order to be hidden like the section?

thank you!


One option would be to lookup the IDs for each of the items in the section that you’re attempting to hide. Without having a page to look at that’s probably my best suggestion. If you share a link I can look into it for you!


Thank you! What I did is: get all my elements into a box and used the script to hide the box, that way the contents hide also, but I had to place all the boxes stacked in the same section, because although I was able to hide the section, the box floated in it’s original position instead of repositioning in the hidden section’s place.