How to get Unbounce sitemap submitted to Search Console?


We have created few landing pages with Unbounce as subdomains to our website. However, Search Console shows no data in Search Traffic or any other.

It does not allow us to submit a sitemap as these are one pagers, and Unbounce forums say that they do not have a function to submit .xml to Webmaster Tools. And Unbounce goal is not Organic search but leads and conversions.

Google Analytics says that traffic to those LPs come Directly or through Referral. (Which I think is a bit odd)

We want to optimize the website for the keywords that users use to land on those pages, and would very much like to get to that information in Search Console (specifically Search Analytics).

Any suggestions how to work around this Unbounce stance for no-organic search results and no .xml?

(Tried third party .xml generators, but did not work. All it said for /sitemap.xml : The requested URL was not found on this server.)


Hey @snowfun87

Are your subdomains added as their own properties in Search Console?

If they are, you should just be able to just go to Crawl > Fetch as Google, then request indexing after you’ve fetched the root URL.


Hello… How is lightbox content treated? How do I get google search content to see lightbox content?


What I am doing for the small set of pages I have indexed with Google is to add a site map section to the bottom of the page containing links to all of the related pages. Then in the Google search console I can fetch the site root (with the site map html links on the bottom) and submit to Google by selecting “and linked pages.” Since there is no way to host the xml sitemap yet on Unbounce this does provide an alternative means since the Google bot should honor the anchor links.