How to embed Wordpress forms



Is it possible to add wordpress forms IF I have a PHP file?


Hey Peter,

No, I don’t believe it’s possible, as WordPress forms would require all of the other WordPress infrastructure to function properly.

Personally, I try to use the Unbounce forms as much as possible. They are pretty flexible. Is there something you’re trying to do that the Unbounce forms can’t do?

There are also some universal third party form options out there, such as Typeform, Wufoo, Formstack, and Google Forms.


@peter2 If you mean the default WP form itself, no. this is not embedable. However, if you are using a WP plugin like WuFoo that has embed capability you could do this.

There’s a great list here

But, to @Nicholas question why? The Unbounce forms are generally good enough.