How to direct visitors to secure https SSL version automatically?


Hi there. A bit of a noob on some aspects of domain names and SSL.

What is the best way to arrange it so that when someone types in our address, (either or that they automatically get directed to the SSL secure ?

Thanks very much in advance. Lovely product. Great community.

New Feature: SSL is here!

i using the Wordpress plugin and i need to redirect traffic from http to https.

is there any solution to this ??

thank you


can .htacces be used to force http to http using the Unbounce Wordpress plugin ??


@Strik for security reasons it is recommended against a rewrite in htaccess. You should setup a redirect in your main server configuration file.

However, if you have an SSL certificate for that domain you should only be using the https. Your domain should always redirect. If you’re using Apache try this > I have used it successfully in the past.


Hey guys,

I wanted to implement that script but the unbounce support advised me not to, for security reasons :some elements of the page could be unavailable, so there could be a security error in which the pages are no longer available. My guess is that would happen only if some of the page elements are non-secured (like a favicon hosted on http).

Does any of you have more info on those potential security issues?



Hey guys :wave:t3:

You’ll find a short and easy to implement script that I posted here New Feature: SSL is here!

Hope this helps :blush:


Thanks a lot Finge! I already had picked your script and was ready to deploy it :slight_smile: Do you have any reasons in mind why i shouldn’t do it?



None at all @Alexandre_Nowaczyk :wink:


Hiya. I’m trying to ensure that traffic jumps to the secure version of our website. I’ve just signed up on a trial Essential level account. Does that mean we miss out on SSL unless we upgrade to Premium?

Love the easy integration with WordPress BTW!!


Hi there @The_Web_Warriors ! I’m Johnny from Unbounce :wave:

We do offer the ability to “force https” on a users custom domain. Meaning that any traffic going to that domain will the redirected to its secure version. However It looks like your domain is from Wordpress. Unfortunately Unbounce does not handle the SSL certs for these domains and therefor cannot force https on them.
What I would suggest doing is making sure that wherever you link your website/pages that you include https:// at the beginning. You could also look into a third party tool to help you in forcing https on your Wordpress domain. An example of which is `Cloudflare.

Any other questions don’t hesitate to ask me!