How to add multiple JQuery in a landing page

Hi everyone,
I am pretty new to landing pages and I am trying to experiment and learn as much as possible,
I wanted to know if there’s a way to add multiple JQuery within the same landing page - I am pretty new at coding too and I am trying to work the fundamentals.
Most of the times I add mutiple JS and different JQuery library one of them won’t work.
I just wanted to know if that’s a limitation and in case if there’s a workaround.

Thank you very much for your help!


Hi @Andrea_Lotito,

You can add as many jQuery libraries as you want but I would advise strongly against it.

Each library that you add needs to be requested and loaded up from an external source. As you can imagine this can potentially slow down you page(s).

Instead, try to write your JS to take advantage of the same jQuery library.



Hi Hristian,
Thank you for your answer and I will definitely follow your suggestion!