How do you let your audience know your page is secure?


Hi all!

So as I’m sure you’re aware, Unbounce has made it clear and easy to make your pages HTTPS secure.

What I’d like to know is how you all make your audience aware of this!

I’m currently using a PNG or HTML element from GlobalSign -

Do you recommend any other resources?
Maybe you’ve split tested this before?
What colours have worked best for you?
Does your audience respond to a padlock more than a shield?

Let’s talk about what page security verifiers work best for us!

Cheers all, have a great day!


I may be the odd ball out on this,

I’ve never put more faith in a website that adds an image to show they care about my security. I trust what my browser has to say, because any site can put any image they want whether it’s true or false.

I use Chrome most, so this is what I like to see. Especially when shopping online.


Although! I would love to see some A/B stats on pages that use them vs. one that doesn’t!


I was going to say exactly this. I think for most visitors, the browser’s URL bar does the best job of showing which pages are secure/not secure. Much more so than any third-party icon can do. Just because so many sites have overused security icons to the point that they’re a dime a dozen.


When I see a bunch of security icons on pages it makes me think how secure are they really. Unbounce has done a great job on protecting our clients info and making sure the secure icon is visible in the URL. Also, Google is being much more strict about sites being HTTPS and given the visitors that piece of mind.


@Kyle.C @Nicholas @Blandon

Hey guys,

Thanks for the input!

I agree with all of you, especially as I’m primarily a desktop user too.

Thing is, my landing pages are seen by hundreds of thousands that travel from Facebook every month. A staggering portion of these views come from mobile. This means that it is not nearly as clear that the page is HTTPS.

Should’ve made this clear in my original post!


Hey @Alan_C,

I see what your saying. Since Facebook had that big algorithm change having a secure site there is important now then ever. Unbounce makes sure that visitors can clearly see the page is HTTPS within mobile. The visitor will see this icon on the top left 52%20PM. If you still have any doubts, check your URL setting and make sure your URL is showing HTTPS. But with those many eyes on your landing page (great job by the way) you should be fine. :+1:t5: I hope this helped and let me know if you have any questions.