How do I tell Active campaign when someone clicks a button?

So here’s what I’d like to have happen;

A visitor to the website puts their name and email in a form.

They hit submit and it goes to a thank you page.

That info goes into an ActiveCampaign list. On the thank you page, there is a button sending them to Messenger.

I would like for ActiveCampaign to know if that user has clicked the Messenger button on the thank you page; if so, they would get taken off the automation they were added to when they submitted their info. And if not, they stay on the ActiveCampaign list and go through the automation.

How can I accomplish this? Webhook of some sort?

Hey @Gabe_Martinez,

ActiveCampaigns’s API would be the way to go.


EDIT: However, in digital marketing a click is not a very good indicator of engagement/activity. It would be better to remove your automation based on something more tangible - like an actual conversation in Messenger.
You might even want to look into Zapier & Messenger integrations and how you can use it to remove the automation once a chat has been started.

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