How do I interpret the timestamp?


Hello, we use Zapier to send our form submissions over to Quip to automatically insert them into a spreadsheet. When populating this spreadsheet, it’s nice to input a cell with a time/date stamp to identify when the form was submitted. At some point some things changed with Unbounce (or Zapier) and now there’s a “created at” field with a timestamp. That timestamp look’s like this - “2018-03-07T22:46:13.894Z”. Some of this is easily understood and some not. Here’s a guess:
Date - “2018-03-07”
Time - “T22:46:13”
No idea - “.894Z”

Is the above correct? If so, what time zone is that? And what’s the ‘no idea’ part?

Thanks in advance!


Hey @Mark_Roller,

You are right about the Date and Time.

The time is in UTC hence the “Z” at the end so really your “No idea” is made up of 2 parts.

  • Z for UTC
  • .894 is basically a smaller unit of the seconds.

If you want to read up more about it, you can Google ISO 8601 which deals with this particular format.