How do I create a sticky side-bar in Unbounce?


Complete novice here…and ignorant as all get-up…but this is a fascinating tool and a very groovy community of people.

I love the scrolling, ever-present side sorta ‘chapter heading’ nav bar on this page.

Could anyone tell me what this feature is called.

And where I could find good scripts for it…?

Thanks so much!!

It’s here live:

The Ultimate List of Unbounce Tips, Scripts & Hacks

Hi there, I did a quick inspect of the page and I think that is part of a WP theme


Hey @BobC!
I moved this post over to a new post under the #technical category, to keep things organized. :slight_smile:

@Jennifer_wp is right, this is achievable via Wordpress plugin and isn’t yet available in Unbounce. I’m sure there are ways to achieve something similar using a script (such as the one our friend @Finge uses over at uses) combined with some smooth-scrolling anchor links.

In fact, our friend @Johnny_Opao figured out how to build something like this in Unbounce a while ago. I’ve linked to the how-to below.

Hope this helps point you in the right direction @BobC!


Excellent…thanks so much!

Hmmm…So, Unbounce’s own web page uses WP and not its own builder…?

O own WP theme Avana, and probably should check if it also has such a feature. Although I am still in way over my head!

Thanks to everyone for the insight!


…thanks so much, Jennifer! That was quick!


Hi Bob,

Unbounce is a platform for building stand alone landing pages to use for things like PPC campaigns, email marketing etc. it’s not a website builder. That’s why Unbounce will not of been built using the landing page platform.

Hope that answers your question :slight_smile: