How can i take UTM parameters from the url and submit them with the form?


I have one landing page that get traffic from 2 different campaigns.
Every campaign is tagged with google UTM tagging.

My question is - can i pass the UTM parameters with the form?

Just Getting Started

Use the form editor to add a hidden field. Give the hidden field the same name as your UTM parameter, e.g. utm_campaign.

The hidden field should capture the utm_campaign value and submit with the form.


Hey Shuki - Andrew’s exactly right. We’ve also got a post at… that demonstrates how to do this.


@ryan, the link to this documentation now redirects to the homepage of your support site. Do you have a working link to this documentation? i’m having the same issue with my hidden fields not passing the utm params from the URL for some reason. thx


@sean You should find the documentation here

Slightly on the side of the topic, but often it can also be useful to add a hidden field for ‘referrer’ as well, letting you see what URL the visitor came from. You can do that by adding a hidden field called ‘referrer’ and adding this script to your page

For some reason the script doesn’t work every time, but still provides value.


Thx Finge. I’ve implemented your script along w/ the hidden “referrer” field. Unfortunately it has not appeared in the Zapier connector after a few tests. Will monitor it and report back if/when it works.


Check out this tutorial on tracking UTM parameters in Unbounce.