How can i make my first section fullscreen?


Hello everyone,

I recently saw an example of an unbounce template page to sell on themeforest that used full screen on their first section (

I read some older doubts here, but none of it helped me to do what i wanted. Can you guys help me understand how this guy did it?

I’ve tried almost everything but nothing worked.




Hi there Nickolas,

You can definitely use a full screen background with Unbounce.

  1. Select the page section that you want to use a full width background in
  2. In the properties pane on the right, go to the Background Properties section and hit the Advanced dropdown
  3. Under the Format sub-section in there, you will have two options, Stretch Background to page edges and Fit background to container,  you’ll want to select the stretch background to page edges option.
    If you need, here’s some documentation on Using Page Sections in Unbounce.

See how you with this.



Any updates Unbounce team?
I have also read some old forms. None of them is helpful. :confused:


Hello Jai,

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? :slight_smile:


Hey Nicholas,
I want my first section to be fullscreen and want it to adjust itself size according to screen size of device. In other words, likewise the option of ‘stretch background to page edges’, make the background image of the section to adjust its width according to device screen , is it possible for it adjust it’s height as well according to device screen?

It will be great if it is possible in desktop & mobile version as well.

For example:

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @jai,

It’s possible to have full page sections (width & height) but that requires extensive knowledge of JavaScript and the Unbounce platform.

This makes it time consuming and expensive to implement.

My agency has done it for a few of our clients and we can implement it for you as well if you think it’s that important for your page.

You can message me directly for details.

Here is an early version, demo page that has all sections full width/height plus full section scrolling.