How can I get IP addresses in my lead emails?


My landing page has a form that collects an email address. This lead is sent to me as an email.

I’ve read on some other posts that unbounce automatically captures the IP address and includes it. However my lead emails never have anything other than the email address.

How do I capture the IP?


I was actually just looking into this today as well. Since we just launched our first landing page and I found that it should be on the Landing page within unbounce under the “view leads” button. Here’s the page I found that info on, I hope it helps answer your question.


I need it within my lead emails, so I can analyze the data in my CRM tool. That said, at least there is a way to get those IP addresses - so it’s not ideal, but better than nothing.

This was a good find, thanks for telling me about it! :slight_smile: