Hotjar and A/B testing



Is it possible to track different variations with Hotjar? How can I do it?



Hi @Maciej,

If you are talking about capturing heatmaps for your different variations, it is possible.

You’ll need to be on a paid Hotjar plan and use a JavaScript trigger.

You also need to adjust the standard Hotjar implementation to actually send the page ID and variation letter to Hotjar in order to be able to use them as a trigger.



I was also looking for this.

I may have misunderstood something but in a video from Hotjar I saw that you could use something called a regular expressions (which are available on the free / test account). Or does this type of integration not work with unbounce?




Hi @Brendan,

Regular expressions allow you to capture pages that have a certain pattern to their URL.
Example: If all of your product pages (eCommerce) or landing pages contain …/awesome/, you can write a regular expression that would capture traffic from all of the pages that contain that particular string in the URL. Even if you have 1,000 pages that have it.

However, you can’t use a regular expression for capturing a variation since your visitors will always be opening up the main landing page …/awesome/landing-page rather than the exact variation …/awesome/landing-page/a.html