Hide Page Section based on a URL Parameter

Hello all,

I am trying to show a certain section when a URL parameter is being used, otherwise hide by default. I would like to set something up where if the URL doesn’t contain “?parameter=”, this section is hidden.

For example:
google.com/?parameter=blue // section would be displayed
google.com/?parameter=red // same section would be displayed
google.com/ // section would be hidden

This is a continuation of this thread from last year. I was wondering if anyone knew how to do this. I am able to hide elements no problem but the problem is the block and the space it takes up still remain. I ideally want to remove the element such that appears like it never existed.

Many thanks in advance for the assistance!

I answered this in a very similar question here: Hide section based on URL parameter

You can’t hide whole sections so easily on Unbounce due to the way content is positioned in those sections.

It’s possible but usually not worth the effort needed to accomplish it.

Thanks @tsprinkel, I actually referenced that post but ran into the exact same problem that Kevin ran into here where I was able to hide the elements but the section itself did not collapse and just ended up leaving a huge white space on the page.

Any idea how to solution for that?

Thanks @Hristian, that’s unfortunate to hear. Any recommendations on a workaround or alternative?