Help - I deleted my landing page and all it's variants by mistake


Help - I deleted my landing page and all it’s variants - stupid - but is there anyway to recover them?


I’m not aware of any way to retrieve deleted pages. As this is a more urgent issue, you’re best off contacting unbounce directly, I’m sure they back everything up, but that might not mean they can retrieve individual accounts.

Stating the obvious, but you just need click more carefully in the future, there’s even a warning message that pops up when you click delete page.

Hope it’s not too many pages you’ll have to remake, best of luck!


It’s called workig way too long and into the nite. I saw the warning but thought I was deleting a variant of the page not the page. I did say DUH! and thank you, I have a support cry for help out there but have to wait for them to open.


I did exactly the same thing, can you hellp me? I sent an email to unbounce account, I REALLY need help!


Hi Patrick - I believe my colleague Mitchelle was able to restore your page. You should be good to go, but let us know if you need any further assistance.


I have just done the same by mistake. How do I contact someone to restore a page??


Hey Ben - for any support related issues, and immediate help with putting out fires you’ll want to contact our awesome Customer Success team at, jump into Live Chat, or give us a call. Don’t’ worry though, I’ve opened up a support ticket for you. Check your email I have a couple of questions for you!


I’m somewhat relieved to read this thread but, in order to prevent a heart attack for others (and me?) it would be great to have something in the KB that mentions that a file is recoverable.

Also, it seems like you might be able to just allow people to change the state of a page rather than delete it entirely? Since it’s relatively a tiny amount of code (although I can’t confirm that after seeing all the source files (yikes)) that might be a solution.

It does look like there’s not many of us out there (Ben, Patrick and Crystal we should hook up for coffee… think we’re three peas in a pod :).

Thank you!

I really do love this product! What a monster… can’t wait to start sharing with my startup network in San Diego!!!


Thanks for the feedback Jerry!

And I’m sorry for causing alarm. You’re absolutely right, we should mention this in our KB.

To clarify, can I ask did you delete your page by accident? As I mentioned to Ben, for any support related issues, and immediate help with putting out fires you’ll want to contact our awesome Customer Success team at support[AT]unbounce[DOT]com, jump into Live Chat, or give us a call. We’re always happy to help :slight_smile:

Don’t worry though! If this was a minor case of butterfingers, we may be able to restore your page(s). Check your email, I opened up a Support Ticket for you!


I deleted my page! Please help!


Hi Cole - it looks like Mark was able to help Kiarra with getting this restored via phone.

If anyone else runs into the same problem, please email us at or call us at 1-888-515-9161. We’ll likely be able to get to those channels faster than the forum.


Hi, I deleted my page my accident. Please help.
It was deleted on 13th of March. It was called reactivation campaign or so.
Please help. 


Hi Oleksandr, 

You need to reach out to the Unbounce support team directly and see if they can help you retrieve the page. or 1.888.515.9161

This would be the quickest way to get some help. 



First time user, I just spent days getting the landing page right then was prompted to alter the mobile page variation before publishing.  Did this and it scrambled and deleted content from my desktop landing page… EDM going out tomorrow morning… h e l p


Hi Helene! 
I would get in touch with our support team about this one asap. 



Hi Crystal, I saw your ticket and was able to restore your page to your account. Hope that gives you some relief!



Hi Unbouce, made the same mistaka here as well.In fact, I deleted a whole group when I just wanted to remove a few pages in the group. I would really appreciate your help!! So looking forward hearing from you.

I actually already have sent an e-mail to the support team. No response yet…

Kind Regards,


Hi Egbal,
If you’ve reached out to our support team, they should have been able to assist you by now. They’re the best bet for issues like this, but let us know if this isn’t resolved yet. Thank you! :slight_smile: