HELP - Feedback on Graphic Designer's landing page - HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR BRAND - Lead magnet funnel


1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve? Give as much detail as possible
The page is set up to try and convert people to download my FREE pdf to help them improve their branding with the main goal of converting them to a client. Comments on the page and the pdf would be amazing on how I could improve things. Does the case study help you understand the importance your branding has on your business. Are you put off by me sending you an e-mail directly?

Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
FB ads

3: What is your conversion goal?
20%+ but if I could hit 40-50% that would be incredible

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:

I have duplicated the page from the one I send ads into so it doesn’t skew the data.


I think the page is excellent - the only thing I would A/B test is the header – put an image relevant to what I get when I enter my email instead of your headshot. I get you’re selling “you” and your skill set, but if I can see what I’m going to get e.g. a PDF, eBook etc… then it’s more tangible and enticing.


Hi Zoe

Thanks for taking the time to comment and your kind words!

Yes, totally agree, I need to A/B test different headers. A big part of why people use me is me so maybe I find a way of testing me and the product and then just the product as well. I started off with a shot of a website I designed so there are plenty of things to test :wink:

Thanks again!


Is the traffic going to your website people that know you already? I was just thinking for those landing on the page that don’t know you, your headshot won’t hold as much value.

Maybe you can get a photo of you holding a white piece of paper and then photoshop on whatever your value/freebie item :slight_smile: #twobirdsoneheadshot


The traffic is all cold traffic from FB ads going to the landing page so they won’t know me so yes if I can get the right shot that would be #twobirdsoneheadshot haha


Hey Alex,

Awesome page! Here’s a short video with some more feedback:



Hi Nicholas

Thanks for taking the time to look at my page! Sorry for the slow response, been busy recently…

All very good points and the one about the email button is only being able to use one form per landing page. Now I am testing a scroll up to the top and scroll to the bottom from the top to sign up.

One question is, if you have a lightbox, can you have a button top and bottom to send to that one lightbox? On that topic, do lightbox’s get a lower conversion in comparison as you are creating an extra step in the process compared to having the sign up on the page?

As for the generic case study, I am mainly targeting London so everyone knows who Westfield is! Valid point if I am targeting UK or abroad :wink:

Thanks again


Hey Alex,

Yes, you can link as many buttons as you want to the same lightbox. So you could have a button at the top and a button at the bottom that both open the same Unbounce lightbox if you want.

We have not found that they get lower conversion rates on average. Just the opposite in fact, at least for most of the clients we’ve tested them with. There’s a lot of science that goes into a “2-step” opt-in process, and psychologically, it can help people take action. Of course, you’ll want to test it yourself to make sure it’s a good fit for your audience.


That’s good to know and yes looks like I need to run some more tests then!

Thanks for your advice and help :wink: