Has anyone had success adding an "Add to calendar" button to a page?


I’m creating a landing page about an upcoming event, and I’d like to add an “add to calendar” link (like this one: https://addtocalendar.com/), but I’m not having much success. Has anyone else tried this?


Hey, I recently had to do this for one of my pages - a confirmation page for a webinar registration. 
I didn’t use a long script like the link you shared.

I had three options - for Google, Outlook or iCalendar (Mac) as they use different formats.

For Outlook - you create an ical file that you then link to.
You can create one here: http://www.pratie.com/lab/icalendar/
You will then need to upload it somewhere so you can link to it. Then just create a link or icon on your page and link to it. 

For Google - you can create it all in a URL structure. Here is an example:

Just edit the parameters as you need. Sorry, it’s a bit fiddly, and too much for me to explain fully. More info is here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10488831/link-to-add-to-google-calendar

For iMac - which also needs an ical file (but different to Outlook) I had to use my wife’s Mac to create the event in iCalendar - then save it out as an iCal. I know that might not help much if you don’t have a mac - but that’s how I did it.

I then had all three clicks set as conversion goals.

Note that you will only be able to use this for a static known date. If for example you have a webinar registration with a choice of times/dates - that’s more complex. You could route them to different confirmation pages based on choice - or you could look at more complex passing of parameters.

I am sure there are other ways you can achieve this - but that’s how I did it.
Sorry but I cannot share my page to illustrate it as it’s under traffic right now and I don’t want to skew the results.

Hope this helps

PS - If you’re willing to pay to make this even simpler - you might want to check this out: http://addthisevent.com


I’ve been playing with AddToCalender, which is essentially the same as AddThisEvent (as far as I can tell), but I’m having trouble making a single button work. There are multiple event dates on the landing page, and I’d like to avoid listing three links for each event.


Can you use the recurring events feature of AddThisEvent (Paid)?

Your events have to follow a pattern for this to work (Every Monday, 1st of the month…).


This is a huge help! Thanks for chiming in on this one. :)