Has anyone had any luck installing Snazzy Maps on their LP?

I’m trying to install a Snazzy Map on my page and not having any luck. You see the map for a half a second and then it disappears with an error showing. (oops, something went wrong) I tried to install 2 ways, through ‘insert html’ button and the ‘insert video’ button. I also created my API through the Google Cloud Platform. Here is my testing page, the map is towards the bottom.
What was your process/steps?
And how can I get this map to stretch browser width? I set it up for 100% width but of course that means within the set width of the page which I have at 980px. I don’t see how to set this map as a section background in order to “stretch background to page edges”.
Thanks so much for any help!

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Hey Tiffany!

I’ve recently build a landing page with Snazzy Maps so I know it’s possible, but it wasn’t easy. I may need to loop in my colleague @Luis_Francisco because he helped with it the first time.

In the meantime, here are the steps to stretch your map section to 100%

I’ll see if we’re able to come up with some steps to implement the snazzy maps style.

Thank you Jess! I did manage to get it to work, I just needed to get the billing account setup for the API in our Google Cloud Platform! Now I’m gonna give the 100% width trick a try! Thanks!

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Excellent!! Glad to hear it :muscle:

Actually… I spoke to soon! The map is showing up now, but it’s a default map of New York, not my map of North Carolina! Confusing! Thought I had it made!

Nevermind, lol! Been a long day!

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:joy: What a rollercoaster!!