Guide: Implementing LinkedIn's new Autofill feature

Thought I’d share my experience using LinkedIn’s Autofill feature. This feature is still in beta (I think) but since I am a Bizo customer (now owned by LinkedIn) I was able to get access.

First off, here’s what it is/does. Check it out both signed in to and signed out of LinkedIn:

I don’t have any meaningful data yet but my gut tells me that this will have a big positive impact on my forms (I work for a B2B software company; almost all of our customers are LinkedIn users).

It was actually really simple to implement. LinkedIn gives you an API key, and you just need to insert this code into the page using the custom HTML box:

<script src="//" type="text/javascript"> <br /><br /> api_key: YOUR_API_KEY <br /><br /> noAuth: true <br /><br /> lang: en_US <br /><br /> </script>   

Some tips:

Make the custom HTML box 171px wide and 33px tall - this is the size of the button and will help with placement

ENTER_FORMID_NAME is Unbounce’s Form ID (found under Advanced in the right-side attributes column). For example, #lp-pom-form-26 (keep the hashtag).

ENTER_FIRST_NAME and other fields are Unbounce’s Field IDs. So Edit Form Fields > Select field > Field Name and ID.

Happy lead hunting!


This is fantastic! I’m really happy to see that you were able to get this up and running so quickly. I can definitely see the potential for this to improve conversion rates, especially in B2B scenarios. Also, creating an Unbounce page to show the community how it works is really helpful. Thanks again, Rob!


I’m not a Bizo customer but can I use this? I’ve tried this with my own API client but I’m getting the error “Your Request Could not be Completed.”. 

Hi Niels,

I am not sure how LinkedIn is granting access to this feature. Since I’m a customer of theirs through the ex-Bizo (now called LinkedIn Lead Accelerator) product I heard about its impending release during a meeting with my account manager and requested access.

You could try contacting LinkedIn support for an API key, or creating a developer account on and applying for an API key that way. I do know they have a relatively small team on this product so things tend to move slowly.


i am new to Unbounce…  How to i connect the button click to the LinkedIN code, so that on click the script executes?

Hey Rob, 

I apologize if this seems like a dumb question but I’ve gone to and did not notice where to create a developer account. I was browsing on stackoverflow and it seems that your post has been read by some more folks (you’re going viral! Ha) who all seem to be in the same boat - no documentation on LinkedIn, no real direction on LinkedIn on who to contact, etc. 
Would you have a link to where you created your developer account? Thanks! 

To create a developer acoount go here:

I’m doing some research to implement autofill feature. I’ve found this ->

I’ve noticed this, " Please note _: _LinkedIn AutoFill is only available to customers using LinkedIn Lead Accelerator".

Read more on LinkedIn Lead Accelerator

I’m contacting Linkedin to become a LinkedIn Lead Accelerator.

Any news i’ll post it here.

Does anyone have suggestions on getting this working now? 

LinkedIn killed off Lead Accelerator:…

How does the example landing page given at the top here still work?

Sorry to bump this up, but also have the same question as Dan Wood.

Hi, Linkedin has re introduced this , the only requirement being that your domains should be whitelisted…

Source :

@ Rob, can you share the js you used in this example?

Now LinkedIn provide this Autofill service to only managed accounts and it costs around $200 per month. Does any one know any workaround?

Can anyone help me how can one get this feature?