GTM Tags records activities, but no conversion tracked


Hello Unbounce Community!

So my landing page is using 2 variants, GTM settings are all done, all the conversion tracking on FB Pixel, Google Analytics and Google Ads just do fine. This landing page will be boosted by ads placed on Google Ads and Facebook Ads, custom parameters for each source, with the objective of reach and form submissions.

But after few days I noticed, while we still get form submissions, there’s a lot of discrepancy on total events tracked (taken from gtm.formSubmit) and the total actual form we get. So I’m quite lost here on what happened, what’s wrong and how to fix.


Hey Gandy,

It’s hard to say why a script isn’t doing its job since there are so many ways for it to break. First things first, I would double check to make sure it’s installed in the right place, i.e. Google’s global tag goes in the on all pages while the conversion tag goes before the closing body tag on just the confirmation page. I would suggest doing all this from the Script manager, not on the actual page.

If you haven’t already, you should install the Chrome extension called “Google Tag Assistant” which will tell you what tags are installed, are they tracking properly, etc. You will have to fill out the form for yourself to see the conversion tag status.

Good Luck!


Hey Kyle,

Not sure which step I did wrong. The only script I had on my script manager on my Unbounce dashboard is GTM.

And I set all the conversion tracking tags through GTM. I found no problem on the tracking tags and triggers I set.


On Google Analytics real-time events report as well, they tracked my activities just fine.
image .

So yeah, I’m clueless right now.

Google’s global tag goes in the on all pages while the conversion tag goes before the closing body tag on just the confirmation page

If I set all the tags through GTM, should I do this too? I’m afraid I’m not really understand with the ‘just the confirmation page’. I set the conversion tags on my landing page, both variants. 1 variant form is right on the landing page and the other one is on lightbox popup. How should I set the tag?


Hey Gandy,

Unfortunately I’ve never used Google Tag Manager on my pages, I always input the scripts individually so I don’t have experience with this. Maybe try consulting the Unbounce documentation on GTM here:

You could also try inputting the scripts individually just to test. It will let you know if its a tag manager issue or not. Also, did you try installing the Google Tag Assistant extension in the Chrome browser? It can be helpful sometimes if the tag isn’t working properly. You can find that here:

Sorry i cant be of more help, good luck!