Google Ads Conversion Tracking + Form Confirmation Dialog + Google Tag Manager

I’m stuck!!!

I have 2 unbounce landing pages with form confirmation dialogs set up.

I’ve installed GTM in Unbounce via the script manager and have it so that the GTM trigger is "gtm.formSubmit”

However, when i submit a form, both landing pages register a conversion in Adwords. Does the custom event in GTM need to reference something to differentiate? The same thing happens if i create a seperate trigger per landing page, so I am going around in circles trying to figure it out!

Hi @Jess_Duarte1!

It’s Becky from Unbounce here again! We’ve spoken over email, but I thought I’d share our insights here in the Community as well to help others who may have the same question :slight_smile:

With this trigger setup, both tags will fire when a form submission occurs. Since the tags should fire only when a form submission happens on a specific page, I’ve suggested creating separate “form submission” triggers for each page.

For example, instead of creating 1 trigger that fires on “All Custom Events”, you can create separate triggers that fire on “Some Custom Events” like so:

I hope this information is helpful! If anyone is aware of a better method, please don’t hesitate to chime in :slight_smile:

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