Global elements across all pages?

hi all, i’m looking for a way to always use the same header and footer across all pages, or most of my pages in my account. or, a way to have it pre-set as “global footer” so i can just drop the same section in without rebuilding it or copy/pasting it. this way, when i change the master header/footer, all the pages update and i don’t need to change a logo across multiple pages for example.

is this possible and how would i accomplish this??

This is not the solution you are asking for, but it is a possible solution to the specifics of logos/updating images.

Instead of adding an image through the Unbounce toolset, embed an image with the Custom HTML tool. Then, whenever you update the logo, which you will want to host somewhere you can update an image without updating a link, the logo on all your pages will update.


First, let me say I love Unbounce and think it has a great set of features. We use it for around 200 pages currently.

But I’m having a hard time believing that there is still NO global elements editing feature. Based on this, I think the co-founder/president has talked about this 10 years ago and it’s still not in place:

I was ready to upgrade and build 1000+ pages in Unbounce, but this is show stopper. Seems unfathomable that this feature is still not completed. Makes the platform unusable if you’re planning on scaling.

One simple footer change would require 1000 plus manual edits. Not good!

Did I miss a solution to this somewhere?

Does anyone know if they have this feature in place yet or a timeline for it? It seems its been a while since it was spoken about?


there is a workaround. I don’t know if this is something that can help you:

I have used this to create a Header with a few menu-items. If you place links to other pages in the shared section, you have to select “Topmost frame” as target under click action. You can also copy paste the section easily to all your landing pages (the section with the html-block)