Getting response value from Webhook call... is this possible?

We’re using a webhook to submit our form submissions to our own servers. It would be great if we could read the value returned from this webhook call. Inspecting the network request with Chrome dev tools, it doesn’t look like what we return makes its way back to the unbounce page. So, is it possible to get this response data?

Hey @Philip_Deschaine,

When you say “submit our form submissions to our own servers” are you using a native Unbounce form a custom form?

You can see the response for an Unbounce Webhook in the admin panel for the particular page.

If it’s a custom form with a custom webhook, generally speaking there shouldn’t be an issue reading the response unless you are using an iframe.


I am talking about native Unbounce forms. However, I’m talking about in JavaScript, at submission time, on the end user’s page. So, the admin panel isn’t the solution I’m looking for, in this case.

Hi @Philip_Deschaine,

Unbounce won’t block a response so either the response is never sent back or the form submit event doesn’t “wait” for it to come back.

We’ve done dozens of calls on form submit to different APIs and never once has a response been blocked by Unbounce. I don’t see why a webhook would be different.


The webhook is triggered by the end user at submit time. The ajax call goes to unbounce servers. The unbounce servers perform the webhook. The response is stored by unbounce, and it’s accessible to us in the unbounce dashboards. But is the response available to the end user, via javascript, at submission time? I’m guessing no, that’s what I’m trying to ascertain.