Fullscreen popup/lightbox/form

Hi guys,

We’re trying to build a fullscreen popup/lightbox - we need the lead form to appear in fullscreen (desk & mob) when you hit a button on the lead page.

Example: Click SIGN UP here - https://mixpanel.com/

  1. I thought about stretching the width of the popup or lightbox, but it doesn’t look good on desktop and doesn’t work on mobile

  2. No popup template for fullscreen

  3. Tried of creating a separate page with the lead form and when you hit the CTA on the lead page, it’ll open it on the parent tab - but there’s no way to close it and it looks really bad

If you have a solution with the lightbox, it can be great (especially with mobile, as Unbounce’s popup looks really bad on mobile, they barely convert).


So Unbounce replied and said the only way to do it is by building a separate page for the lead form, but it ruins the entire flow as the new page won’t have the X option to close it so if someone clicked to open the SIGN UP pop up and decided to read some more in the lead page - he’s stuck (which means, he’ll leave the website).

Hope anyone would be able to help us here.

Here is a way to effectively create lightboxes without using the native lightbox feature. You might give it a try.

I’ve used this on occasion just because there is too much lag time on the native lightboxes.

Where is the “way”?