Form "Submit" button redirecting to 2 different pages?


Hi guys,

I would like to know if it’s possible that the “Submit” button of the form could redirect to a webpage and also to the “Form Confirmation Dialogue” at the same time, that’s depending of one or another option that we choose in the form.
This is my client’s webpage that I created ( ) and if you click “Apply Now” button it redirects to the light box form page (which it’s ok), after you fill up all the info and select one of these 2 programs options: “Cyber Pro” or “Data Science Pro” the “Submit & Continue” button will redirect you to the Sign Up page (which it’s ok)

The problem is when you select the “Junior Full Stack” program option the “Submit & Continue” button should redirect to the “Form Confirmation Dialogue” and not to that page.

I know Unbounce allows one redirection option, but, Is there a way to do this? Is it possible? Maybe using some special code?

I’ll really appreciate your help here.