Fixed Header issues

Hello, I am trying to adjust the top section of this page to be fixed on a scroll. I’ve looked at several other forums, but haven’t been able to find a soltution that works.

Any help would be great!


Hi Nick, have you tried this Sticky Header script?

Hey Nicholas :slight_smile:

I have just tried that but the box remains. Can you have a look at the LP?

Just to confirm, is this the part you want to make sticky? See red outline:

Yup! I would ideally like this section to remain fixed on scroll, but the white box you see below it is from the test I put together based on your first reply.

Hi Nick, try it this way:


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Hey Nicholas,

Thanks for putting this video together! So I followed your recommendations, but unfortunately, it still is not working for me :frowning:

Maybe we can discuss off this forum for further help? :slight_smile:

Hi Nick,

I think I might see the issue. Change this line in the script:

var boxToAppend = 'lp-pom-box-659';
var boxToAppend = '#lp-pom-box-659';

I think it’s missing the “#” symbol.

It worked!! Fantastic. Thank you so much for the help here!!! :slight_smile:

Awesome, yes, it’s working and looks great! Glad that fixed it and happy to help.