Filtering web traffic to different domains based on the information they input/select


Hi all,

I have a landing page

I am trying to find a way to automatically direct users from this main page to a secondary landing page, based on the postcode and/or type of advice that they input/select.

For example, user “a” may type in the postcode “se1” and user “b” may type in the postcode “b6”. As these are both different areas, I would like for the user to be automatically directed to a bespoke secondary landing page, requesting their contact details, for which the “thank you” page would contain the details of their local adviser and lead form details can be setup to be emailed to that adviser directly.

I understand that there is no function available in Unbounce to allow this automation, but does anyone know if bespoke code/Javascript would potentially fulfil what I am looking to do? Or is this purely not possible?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance for your input!



Hi @Graeme_Johnston,

Is it possible with custom scripting - yes.

I would advise on starting with a postcode API that would help format the postcodes and allow only valid ones. Based on a quick look, you can enter anything you want right now in your post code field.

After that if you have a clear structure and outline of what needs to happen in each case, it can be coded.

Feel free to DM me if you need someone to code this for you.