Field that sends SMS text message to users


Has anyone found a way to make a form where the user enters their phone number and receives a text message? I’ve heard using a Twilio SMS API webhook would be capable of this but wanted to see if anyone has given it a shot


Twilio is capable however better if you have them text to get a response versus a form - with a form they can put in anyone’s number and generate SPAM text or send someone a text in the middle of the night…


Hi Elliott, 

AJ is correct that you should be careful with setting up a form that can be used to send SMS messages to random numbers. 

However, since you’ve asked I think the easiest way is to use Zapier. 

  1. Set up a new zap (Unbounce -> Twilio)
  2. Connect the Zapier webhook to your landing page
  3. Let Zapier do the rest



I am very curious, from a marketing standpoint why do you want them to get a text? It is intriguing to me… I can see some benefits like a coupon code… Just curious!


We are getting requests to offer lead generation via text.  Pay per Form , Pay per Call, now Pay per Text inquiries.  Since texting can be easily automated the key here is to not send a text to someone that didn’t want it so sourcing the request via incoming text is preferred since they are more than likely not spoofing the phone sending the text.


Very interesting. I’m guessing the theory is that a text lead is as hot, if not hotter than an incoming phone call. Can you share the vertical? 




I was playing around with this and it works fine but after the form submission I get a Zapier success message instead of a Thank You message upon submission.  Do I need to tell Zapier to come back to Unbounce ? If so how is that done?


Just wondering if you ever figured this out, AJ? I’m looking for similar.