Feedback on my LP set? SO much appreciated


Hi all! Stoked to be on here getting input from folks more experienced than I :slight_smile:

Here is my conversion pathway, any and all feedback is especially helpful!

landing page 1: (linking to lp 2)
landing page 2:

thank you a million to anyone who pitches in, truly feels so great getting some fresh advice


Hey @rebeccajwoodul56! You definitely came to the right place if you’re looking for feedback! :slight_smile:

We’ve had quite a few industry experts who hang out here that might have some constructive feedback. @Kenji_Sano, @AxBizz, @digibomb, @Angus_W, @Luis_Francisco, @Zane + @Scott_Bowen – what are your thoughts on these landing pages?

landing page 1: (linking to lp 2)
landing page 2:


Thank you Justin! Much much appreciated!


Hey! Not too shabby Rebecca!

Try bright it up a little :slight_smile: or at least brighten up your CTA (Button) - try go opposite of what the background colour is - in your case I might choose orange because it will really stand out. Make your button smaller too! and the text bigger. And even try to play around with your fonts! Have 1 size for titles and 1 size for paragraphs :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!


Great tip, @erayner! We talked a bit about the psychology about orange buttons here:


@rebeccajwoodul56 Welcome to Unbounce! We have an awesome community! You’re in for a real treat, not just because Unbounce is such an awesome tool, but because the support is out of this world!

It might be help if you give us some context on the landing pages. Where is the traffic coming from? What ad messaging is driving that traffic? Is this your first iteration or do you have any existing data to reference? Maybe a quick summary of your product/service?



[quote=“Zane, post:6, topic:3682”]
Where is the traffic coming from? What ad messaging is driving that traffic?
[/quote]Great points, @Zane. The landing page is just one part of the equation, and generally consistency and message-match are paramount to a good conversion rate.


Hi Zane! Thanks for the great question! The traffic directing to this particular landing page set version is coming from this slick handout: and a information postcard that reads ‘you need good people. we have good people. secure your workforce at ____’. Our founder is attending a conference for power plant owners and operators—so we tried targetting this LP set nicely toward this demographic.

We will however create variants with slight edits to cater to different audiences!

thank you again!!


Hi Rebecca,

Nice page. I agree with @erayner, that it would be great if you could brighten it up.

Also, consider adding some testimonials from previous clients, and some trust logos, to build credibility around the brand.


Hi all! thank you SO SO much for the feedback! I have another query…

How do you recommend I implement DTR? We are running linkedin ads, segmenting audiences by job title. I am little stuck on how to keep the pages clean and not add unnecessary verbiage (i.e. ‘hi there’ on LP1 so I can apply DTR to ‘there’ and grab job title from URL parameter) - any resources on how to apply DTR in a wise, seamless way?


Hey Rebecca :slight_smile:

I suggest you create a new topic asking about DTR if you want a great answer! (off topic)
I use DTR but have only been able to use it once they fill in the form :grin:

But there defs is functionality that can handle what you want to do! :slight_smile: