Feedback on Landing Page Wireframe please

Hi All,

Just wanted to get some feedback on a landing page wireframe I have drafted up in sketch.

It represents my business idea which is designing landing pages as a service for small business owners and entrepreneurs that either don’t want the hassle of doing it themselves or don’t have the time or budget of hiring an agency. So that’s where I would come in to help them promote their products and services using a combination of my design and branding experience and implementing some of the marketing and persuasion tactics that I have picked up from Unbounce blogs and workshops - something that the average non-designer client will not have a clue about.

In terms of where this idea sits the market place I guess it falls in between someone who is already proficient in using Unbounce and knows what they are doing and a big design agency who only work with larger businesses with bigger budgets which would be outside the bracket of what a small business owner could afford. So this is something that just offers them that alternative.

You can check out the link to my landing page here

P.S This would be a one page website where each of the links would scroll down to their corresponding sections when clicked on.

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Hey, awesome wireframe! Here are a few thoughts on what I’d test. I put it into a short, unlisted video rather than typing it all out here:

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Hey Nicholas!

Thank you so much for taking the time out to record a this feedback video. That was so incredibly helpful and I’m really appreciate you doing that. In response to that video there was a couple of things I wanted to mention

1 Because this is a brand new service which i plan to set up as a side hustle business while I am working full time. I don’t have any previous clients or testimonials and therefore any previous endorsements or client logos to add to the page, so is there any alternative “trust” content I can add to get around that?

2 I was having another a think about my portfolio section since you shot the video and was thinking, instead of showing full length examples which would be hard see in full detail anyway, (it would be a bit like trying to squeeze a full length webpage on a mobile screen but without the meta viewport tag. So really tiny text and zoomed out. So instead would it not be better to show close up cropped sections of one LP example which call out the benefits of that feature. What do you think?

3.Looking at the why choose us icon benefits, I’m really trying to sell them on the personal service I offer which helps to differentiate my value from the market but do you reckon I need to add in another reminder benefit of the results this will deliver? ie: more leads, more customers etc.


Hey Dean,

  1. Yeah, I was in the same boat regarding testimonials early on. But all you need is one good one to start. I’d go through your LinkedIn connections and see if you could maybe leverage one of those, or just strike up a conversation with someone in your network and ask for a brief endorsement. It’s not a deal breaker of course if you don’t have one, but it does add a lot to the page I think.

  2. For your portfolio section, you could always use a lightbox image if you want it to be larger. Have like a thumbnail of the above-the-fold section of a page you built and then have it open into a lightbox to show the full page. People don’t really need to see everything. They’re going to make a judgement about the quality of work in a fraction of a second anyway.

  3. I see your point, and it’s really just personal preference. I just like to stay mor eon the positive side with bullets usually, since that gets people thinking about the solution rather than the problem. They already know they have a problem. What you want them to think about is the solution and how you can take them there.

Glad you found the video useful. I never know if I’m just blabbering on into a vacuum or not, haha! Anyway, let me know how the page works out for ya.

Sorry I’m not contributing properly, but what did you use to put that wire-frame together?


Hi Nicholas,

My Re: Re: response to the same three questions.

  1. So how would I go about getting an endorsement from someone who had not actually used the service. I’m not sure how that would work?
    What I mean is I would of thought the only endorsement/testimonial I could get, would have to be from someone who had actually paid for the service and got a result out of it, ie a real client.
    At the moment this feels like the same conundrum as the "need experience to get that 1st job vs can’t get that 1st ob because of no experience type scenario.

  2. I love your idea of a lightbox modal appearing when linked to a image thumbnail, I think I will expand on that idea by calling out a beneficial feature of that example and why it works, as a way of educating the client rather than just being pure eye candy. Sticking with the lightbox idea, would you recommend I use a lightbox to contain my contact form too, when they clicked on my CTA button? or is that better kept to a separate page that would open up in a new window?

  3. Yep, that makes a lot of sense. Looking at it that way will stick with the benefits I have already got.

No not at all, video was short and sweet, no fluff, very useful and constructive advice to act on. - just how I like it :slight_smile:

P.S Here is a link to my updated wireframes based on your feedback. I have also included a mobile and tablet version!

@johnrdking Don’t worry man, I used Sketch to put the wireframe together. You can only get this if you are a Mac user though.

Happy to help!

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Hey Dean,

The new wireframes are looking sharp!

To answer your questions…

  1. Yes, I totally understand what you mean. While not ideal, what I did early on (before I had any real client work under my belt), was just get someone who I worked with in the industry to give a more “generic” type of testimonial. Something that speaks into your skills as a marketer, even if it’s not specifically related to your landing page services. Maybe a LinkedIn recommendation? I feel like having some kind of testimonial is better than none. And then of course, as soon as you get one that’s related to actual client work, swap it out.

  2. I love lightboxes, but be careful not to have too many. I’ve experienced some page load and usability issues when using more than a couple lightboxes on pages. It’s not an Unbounce thing, just in general, it may affect the page. So if you’re already using lightboxes for your portfolio section, you might want to limit their use for the form as well. A nice hybrid approach for the form that I use all the time is to have the form in its own section below the fold, but have several “jump links” throughout the page that jump the user down to that section. But of course, maybe test both options (form in lightbox vs. form on-page with jump links). I just a big fan of getting people to click on a CTA button before filling out the form. I think it helps them get in a conversion-mindset, as silly as that may sound.

Hey Nicholas

Ok cool. will look to get some sort of testimonial baked into the page.

Regarding my question about the contact from. You mentioned a hybrid approach to this of embedding the form inside the page and then having some jump links scroll the user down to the exact place section where the form begins.

Do you mean something like this example:

Yes, just like they have it so that when you click “contact” it jumps down to the form. However, they don’t have a CTA button in their hero section, outside of their main navigation, which is a bit strange. I’d put the button dead center so people can’t miss it. And make it more exciting than just “contact” of course.

Ok cool, will try that out.

Big thank you for all your help + feedback on this so far. Will update you with my styles applied to this wire frame once I have worked out a look and feel branding direction I would like to apply to this, if you would be interested in seeing that.

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Yeah, please do share. Looking forward to checking it all out.

Hey Nic

I know it’s been a while! Been so busy juggling multiple projects and practising my skills using Adobe XD (such an awesome piece of software!) anyway only just had the chance to return to this project and improve on my last wireframe we were discussing in this thread, I implemented the changes you last recommended (including a testimonial, endorsement logos and a contact form ) along with a complete content overhaul of my sales copy. Anyway just wanted to get your feedback on this latest edition.


Hey Dean,

Nice update! I really like the simple layout. What did you use to build these wireframes?

Here are a few quick ideas:

  1. Are you going to have more than 1 testimonial? From our tests, 3 is usually ideal.

  2. I think it would be interesting to test a multi-step form. Instead of just asking the contact info questions up front, maybe start with some project-specific questions like “What industry do you need a page built for” and “How are you sending people to the page.” We have found that by starting with less invasive questions, it gets people to engage more easily, and then once they’ve started filling out the form, they’re more likely to complete the process and enter their contact info. It makes the process feel more personalized too.

Best of luck with this!

Hey Nicholas,

Thanks for the additional feedback tips. I used Adobe XD to draft out these wireframes. I’m a huge fan of XD, I’ve only been using it for a month or so now but having built this and 2 other project wireframes with it I just love how fluid and simple it is to work with and the fact you can also prototype in it without the need to leave the program or to install any plugins. Another in the list of many that is making the jump from Photoshop to XD for UI/UX work at least.

Like I say it’s the only testimonial I have to give right now, but as you said before even 1 is better than nothing unless you could provide me with one? :slight_smile:

I get what your saying about the form, makes a lot of sense. But if I was to use a multistep form I guess that is something I would need to put inside lightbox like these guys did right?

Also do you recommend for a 1st version release such as this that I delay launching until I have redesigned and built the form in the way that you recommended - and then launch, or should I launch as is (once I have branded it of course) but with the from design i have in place at the moment, just to see how it fly’s? I don’t want to get a trap of keeping it in a closed garage and never launching it because I’m forever tweaking the content and no one ever seeing it- hope that makes sense.


Just saw that you are using Adobe XD. I have a client that has all of their landing pages drafted on Adobe XD and wants me to make them in Unbounce. How did you do this? Do you just completely mimic everything you did in XD to unbounce? Or is there an easier way with the CSS or something?

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We typically export individual graphical elements as PNGs or SVGs and recreate natively in Unbounce. Unbounce works best if you rely on its builder rather than customizing heavily.

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