Feedback on landing page lead generation

1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve? Give as much detail as possible
Trying to get people to submit their information so we can reach out with our sales team to get on a call and sell them holistic digital marketing services

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
Google ads and facebook ads

3: What is your conversion goal?

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:

First the good.

The testimonials and trust logos are good elements to establish credibility and reduce friction. I also like that you have the form prominently above the fold and the phone number is clickable.

Now for areas you could improve on.

You should make the page responsive or at least have a mobile version. You should also check your margins for desktops/laptops. The page doesn’t fit my screen well. It seems like text is running off edge.

I suggest taking a more narrow focus. There are too many offers/messages. You start off talking SEO in headline then get into other digital marketing services (i.e. website design, paid ads, social media, etc.). If this is landing page is for SEO, stick to that and save the cross sells for later.

For the offers, it seems like your asking people to do multiple things. You have a Free Business Listing Scan (I have no idea what this is or why I’d want it), Learn More, SEO marketing plans and consultation. It’s confusing for consumer. Stick with one offer, preferably something that’s compelling and has little friction.

When you decide on what your offer is, then you may want to just focus on selling that. Your prospects are likely looking into multiple solutions and agencies to help them achieve their goals. So trying to sell them on you right away is a difficult task. It’s much easier to just get them to take the next step. Highlight the immediate benefits of the consultation, business listing scan or whatever it is you decide to offer.

Overall the copy is pretty generic. Every marketing firm promises more calls, clicks, etc. What’s the unique value you provide? Why should someone respond to your offer instead of your competitors’? Are there any specifics you can use to make your promises more credible and concrete?

Try to paint a picture in the reader’s mind. The better they can visualize the benefits, the more persuasive you’ll be. If you can, including some kind of emotional hook will help too.

I hope that helps. Best of luck.

I second pretty much everything @SeanKirby mentioned…

Additionally, I would like to add a few points when coming up with your offer:

  1. Stick to one offer, like Sean mentioned, there’s too many options and your ‘Free business listing scan’ actually links to your main website with lots of links and opportunities for exploration (and getting lost)

  2. Your main CTA form says “Learn more and find out how we can help you today!” by asking for users to contact you right away, you’re missing out on a percentage of your audience that is not ready to talk yet. In our experience, only about 3% of visitors from Google search ads are ready to get in contact with you right away. The others aren’t ready, they’re looking at their options, learning more about their problem and potential solutions.

Here’s what to do instead
Help your prospects in their journey, if they aren’t quite ready to contact you, let them learn more about their problem and how your business can solve it. A great way to do this is by using a free whitepaper or ebook. It doesn’t have to be long but should answer the questions and concerns that ‘problem aware’ prospects are facing. This will give you the chance to show your expertise, educate your prospects, and follow up with email marketing.

Here’s an example funnel for you

  1. User lands on landing page from Google search campaign
  2. Offer user a useful resource in exchange for their contact details: “Download our free PDF: Everything you need to know before hiring an SEO agency”
  3. After the CTA is complete, send your prospects to a thank-you page that further outlines your services and give them the option to book a call or provide more contact details. Here would be a better time to talk about your other services
  4. Use email campaign software (I prefer ActiveCampaign) to send over a link to that free resource they wanted.
  5. Follow up automatically via email a day or two later further educating your prospects “Download a free SEO checklist” and remind them to consider booking a call with you.
  6. Continue emailing prospects. Get creative, tell stories of past clients, get under their skin and stay at the front of their mind.

Key points
Give prospects an incentive to fill in your form. “Learn more and find out how we can help you today!” is like saying: “Give me your contact info so I can sell to you”.

By offering something of value, you’ll have a shot at converting prospects that aren’t quite ready to buy yet and you can stay at the front of their mind with email marketing and retargetting campaigns.

Experiment! Unbounce offers a great set of tools for you to experiment with different offers using multivariate testing.

Best of luck