Favicon where to find it?


I created a new page “Mywellcare” and do not understand how to upload the favicon, and where to upload it…? I have a favicon icon and the page is hosted on Unbounce… and now? I look at the 3 favicon step instructions but i get stuck at step 1…


Hi @MyWellCare_Deutschla!

If you are using a subdomain (subdomain.website.com) for your pages and have a website on the domain with a favicon, you can use the following snippet:

<link rel="icon" type="image/x-icon" href="https://www.website.com/favicon.ico" /> 

So the link i have placed is the location of your favicon on your website.
I placed this in the script manager so I do not have to place this on each page.

I hope that helps!


Thank you. We got it solved :slight_smile: ! Have a good weekend!