Facebook Learning Phase for Link Clicks



I want to know one thing about getting lower CPC and learning phase at Facebook Adverts.

Does Facebook run any learning phase for Link Clicks too? For example when we choose traffic at the beginning of creating an ad. And then run an Image ad for just Desktop traffic.

I targeted custom audience and the advert CPC cost me $0.20 for the first day, $0.14 for the second day and CPC decreased to $0.07 at the third day, it stayed that low for around 3 days but afterwards increased to $0.25.

Then I ran another advert for the same audience, the CTR and relevancy score is same but I am not getting the CPC below $0.18. It’s been 20 hours since the new ad is up and running.

Does Facebook have any secret learning phase during link clicks? Please let me know. How can I get lower CPC for Desktop traffic?




I don’t really know the answer to your question - because we never target clicks.

We have tested in the past but by far the most cost effective way is to target the end result - website conversions in our case.

Our monthly spend with FB is near 200k and we have done allot of testing (just explaining why i feel i am in a position to comment on this).

By far our most successfull method is - targeting conversions with lookalike audiences.

CPC is nearly irrelevant as all clicks are far from equal and quality of traffic varies allot. In my experience targeting clicks, you will get lower cost clicks, they won’t convert.

If you really want a lower CPC, target mobile only and turn third party audiences on… in fact if you target India, you can get really cheap clicks!


Re-looking at your question - FB will optimise what it is doing regardless of any learning phase. What you say is fairly normal - it improves, but then starts to run out of the good stuff and cost goes up.

How big is the audience and how many impressions have you run? It may well be it’s struggling to repeat it’s best performance still serving to the same limited audience.

But as per my previous post, i think there is almost certainly a better strategy than targeting clicks.