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The text on my mobile landing page when viewed from within Facebook by clicking a Facebook ad is not formatted correctly. The text runs together without any spacing. If I view the landing page from mobile Safari or Chrome, it looks fine. How can I fix this issue?

I tried to upload screen shots but it doesn’t seem to work.


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Hmm, I have not heard of issues specifically with the Facebook browser. Can you share a link to the Facebook ad so we can see?


I am having the same issue. Works fine on desktop but mobile is awful. But tell it to open in Chrome and it is fine.

Facebook Ad


Hi Bill,

It looks fine to me in the Facebook mobile browser. Here’s a side-by-side of the page in Facebook (on the left) and in Chrome (on the right). This is on an iPhone X, so maybe it’s a device-specific issue?


Here is what I’m getting in my Android from FB browser. Looks like you have to click images to get full effect.


And this is Chrome.


Hi, i have the same kind of issue on iphone Facebook app ! Did you find a solution ?

Thx in advance


Yes, I found a solution. I use another product. No one from Unbounce
could help me. I just needed to be able to collect information so went
with Wufoo.

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Just to be clear, this problem was brought up here November 2017 and it still isn’t fixed? And, no indication from Unbounce that the problem exists? Unbounce, please, create a thread with updates so we can know what’s going on.


Bumping this thread -

Having the same issue here. Was reviewing Hotjar recordings of activity on my landing page and found evidence of the same issue described in the post. This is pretty business critical for us as Paid Social is typically high converting traffic for us.

Anyone in the post manage to get the issue solved? and if you moved product, could you let me know what you switched to? Thanks


bumping this - any updates?