Facebook Ads - Optimize for Link Clicks VS Landing Page Views


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I’d love to hear your thoughts about this topic. I’ve been testing 2 different options of “Optimization for Ad Delivery” on Facebook. One is ‘Landing Page Views’ and the other one is ‘Link Clicks’. My tests so far are mixed and not conclusive.

From your experience, is there any difference in performance, cost, CTR… using one or the other (even the quality of the traffic that goes to the Landing Page?)?

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Hey @Gabriel I think @Stefano would be best to answer this Q.

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Hey @Gabriel!

Just to be clear, are you tracking “Landing Page Views” with the Facebook Pixel? In theory, both should be very similar. The difference is in the definition of a View through the Pixel and a click on an ad. This is all theoretical, but one person might click on your ad many times, which might influence your optimization for Traffic. On the other hand, they might only count as 1 LP view by the Pixel.

I would recommend you run an actual split test (50/50) on Facebook to test 2 different optimizations against each other.

I don’t think you’ll find a big difference for this test, so perhaps try optimizing for traffic versus conversions?

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@Jonathan is my colleague and a master of all things FB ads. He’s got you @Gabriel! :slight_smile:


Hey @Jonathan! Thank you so much for the feedback.
The LP has o FB Pixel indeed. I did a split test during the weekend, and something curious happened. The video performed better with the “Landing Page” optimization, whereas the ads that had images, they had “Link Clicks” as the champion. For this week, I’ll try your suggestion of Traffic x Conversion.

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It’s a pleasure! Glad you’re getting good feedback from your tests!


Hey @caglers! That’s not too crazy. What may be happening is that people who click on your ad, end up coming back to your page a 2nd time (or a 3rd time).

Does that make sense?

Optimizing for views is just an extra layer of optimization, since someone who comes back more than once to your page may be a better target than someone who clicks and never goes back.


So, could you create a custom audience out of people who clicked your link/engaged with your ad more than once?


Hi @jamesquirke you can definitely create a custom audience based on the frequency of a user’s visit on your site, for example people who have visited the page 2x, 3x, 4x, etc. I believe Gabriel was referring more so to the optimization goal in a campaign. Let me know if you need any help with that!


Hi Jonathan,

Can you please give some more insights on how to target based on frequency?



It’s actually available in Facebook’s custom audience options! Create custom audience > Website Traffic > People who visited specific web pages > Further refine by > Frequency.

Enjoy! You can also do it by time spent on site.


Hi guys, not sure this is offtopic but maybe you could help me.

Is it normal to see a big discrepancy between clicks and LP? An ad I’m running has 76 clicks but just 51 LP. I suspect it’s not from people clicking again on the links, because the frequency isn’t that high (1.75)

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Hi Costantino!

Actually, this happens a lot. It can be a sign of many things. For instance, we once found a big discrepancy which made us investigate the LP further. It turns out our load speed as extremelyyyyy slow. People were clicking on the ad, but they wouldn’t wait for the page to load. If the page doesn’t fully load, the Page View event doesn’t trigger.

Perhaps start with that. You can test here https://tools.pingdom.com/


Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your advice, the load speed was great in Europe, but indeed pretty low in other continents. We’re trying to fix the problem now, hopefully it’ll help!


Fantastic, I’m glad you were able to locate the issue.