Exit Popup Cannibalization of Main Form

We use Unbounce landing pages for our PPC ads to desktops only. B2B audience.

A) Does anyone have any insights or studies on exit popups cannibalizing the main form on a landing page?

We recently added an exit popup offering a guide that has been very successful, but we believe it may be reducing the number of conversion on the landing page’s form. Our conversions fluctuate drastically from month to month, year to year, so we are having a hard time deciding.

Our main conversion goal asks for more information, so we prefer to have a visitor complete that rather than the popup.

B) Watching screen recordings, it seems the popup displays prematurely for about 30% of the users. Most just close it and continue reading.

What actually triggers the exit popup?

Thank you!

Hey @icecoldmn

Have you tested downloading the guide as your offer on your main landing page (still asking for the same information)?
It could just come down to the offer - imo downloading a guide seems better than “get more information” (especially if I have to give less information for it).

As for B - you may want to chat with UB support on that one. It is supposed to be triggered when a user’s cursor moves outside the browser window. I would share those screen recordings with them.

Perhaps you could share some screen grabs of both the landing page and the popup?

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Couldn’t agree more! I’ve flagged this in one of our product channels just to get some more insight into exactly what triggers the popup, and if it’s firing prematurely then you’ll definitely want to have our support team take a look!

I also agree with @Caroline 's points about applying the offer that’s generating a higher conversion onto your main CTA. It could come down to the language, in my mind if I’m receiving a guide, it’ll arrive immediately and I’ll be able to go through it at my own pace, whereas if I request more information I may not know when it will arrive. I’m also not sure what format the information will come in, is it a consultation over Zoom? Is it an email? Those details might sway me if I’m in a hurry to learn more.

Those are just my two cents!


@Caroline @Jess Thank you for your feedback. To add a little context. We offer leadership development for supervisors, so the main carrot we dangle in front of prospects is a free course. B2B so companies use this to train their employees. Since we are offering a free course, we collect more data like name, title, employee count, number of supervisors to train. The guide was designed for prospects that weren’t as far down the funnel.

@Jess I look forward to finding out what exactly triggers the popup. In my opinion thinking back, after watching the screen recordings, if the user moved the mouse toward the top edge of the page, as if they were going to leave, the popup would display well before they were off the page.

As the majority of North America is experiencing a cold spell, now you understand where my username comes from. We are in Minnesota, and it is ice cold here! Thanks again for your help!

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That context is super helpful. Are you using a LMS software at all? I know a handful of people that work in this space, I could see if I can loop them in to see if they have any insights to share around which tactics (or carrots :carrot: ) tend to convert the highest. Let me know and I’ll reach out to them.

In regards to the popup trigger, according to this article Getting Started With Popups, it looks like it is triggered when visitors move their mouse in a specific direction.

Trigger on Exit: (“When a visitor tries to exit the page”) allows your popup to be triggered by cursor movements that signal a page exit (e.g., mouse movement out of the browser window). Trigger-on-exit popups will launch 1.5 seconds after a cursor moves to the left, right, or bottom borders of the screen, and they will launch immediately when a cursor moves up into the first 20 pixels at the top of a user’s browser. The trigger will be cancelled by scrolling or the cursor re-entering the middle of the screen.

Based on that :point_up: it makes sense that the popups are firing a bit early, since a lot of those mouse movements don’t necessarily mean the viewer is about to exit.

The irony of this screen name is that folks from this part of North America are some of the warmest people I’ve ever met! Hope you’re hibernating safely! :snowflake:


@Jess Thanks for the follow-up and explanation on the “Trigger on Exit.” I sent you a pm also.

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