Embed Wistia video into landing page

I don’t see a complete answer here…Is there an answer? Why after 3 years are we having issues with this still?

Here it is Dec 2016 and I am having the same issues… I do not see a straight forward answer any where. This is so frustrating…especially since after 3 years you would think this would have been resolved or some sort of easily deciphered how to would have been put up.

Hi @p_B!

It looks like some of the formatting in @Meghan_Wagner’s post got stripped out.

Once you have your embed code, just remove the <script> tags in your embed code, so your script will look like this:

Give that a shot and let me know if it works. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I submitted a help ticket and they got back to me and cleared it up. This is something that should be a redirect with that error message so people can be taken to a page with the solution. Thanks again!

Great news! You can now add your Wistia videos to your Unbounce pages using the Unbounce video block. Just copy your Wistia embed code, drag in the video block, and paste it in. Hooray!

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