Email CSV For Each New Lead


Hey friends! I am in the mortgage business and working on building a complete online loan application for new clients. Since we are a small company, we only receive roughly 5 leads per day. In our line of work, we have an additional program that we import the loan application into. The software supports CSV import. Does anyone know of a work-around to have new leads emailed in CSV format each time they are submitted through Unbounce? I obviously know I can download a CSV of “all” leads, but this wont work as I need each CSV to be a singular applicant for it to be compatible with our loan software import. I can achieve this manually each time someone submits, but looking for a more automated system so that the leads can quickly be sent to the corresponding loan officer.

Thanks in advance!


Hey @JonCal what’s the loan application software? There might be way to use Zapier to push the data in.


Hey, thanks for checking. It’s called Calyx Point.


Ah ok, that’s not possible with Zapier. Not sure sorry.


Hi Jonathan,

A couple things to try:

  1. Check with Calyx and see if they offer any support for “webhooks.” If so, you can then set up a webhook using a tool like Zapier.

  2. Or, there’s a more complicated way you might be able to do this. Zapier has an “email parser” tool. So theoretically, you could have Unbounce send the lead notifications to the Zapier email parser address, and then you have the data going into Zapier in real time, for each new lead. You can then do as you wish with the data and send it to any of Zapier’s 1000+ apps.

The hardest part is just setting up the email parser to make sure it’s grabbing the right data from the Unbounce lead notification email.

You can read more about this type of setup here. Please note, this requires a Zapier paid plan, but personally, I think Zapier is well worth the cost. It solves so many problems.



Nicholas, this is awesome. I really appreciate it. I have started working on the second option you suggested. Parser works flawlessly. The data is pushed to Google Sheets. From there, I have a script for ‘on submit’. The last step is figuring out a way to trigger an email ‘on submit’ with the Google Sheet attached as a CSV file. Getting closer though! Thanks again for your help.


Hey Jonathan, awesome to hear you’re getting closer to a solution!

Just curious, do you need to send to the CSV first? Or maybe can you do the filtering and segmenting on the Zapier side, using their Filters, and then just use Zapier to send the correct lead to the correct representative?


Calyx is desktop/ server software (not cloud/ online), so you will need to import by CSV. I’d suggest using Zapier by connecting Unbounce to Google Sheets. Then you can download daily as CSV. This may be overkill to get a paid Zapier account if this is the only use. I’ve got an enterprise level Zapier account. If all you need is this one connection, I may be able to set it up for you in my account.