Editing elements on multiple pages at once (bulk editing)



Has anyone figured out how to make bulk changes to multiple landing pages?

Perhaps even via a global scripts?

I have 4 unbounce accounts and running at least 10 pages in each (with variants). It’s becoming very time consuming clicking through all pages to make a simple change. For example:

  • Updating the footer
  • Updating a counter (e.g. number of clients, number of deals, a stat or percentage)
  • Swaping a testimonial thats being used across all pages
  • Adding a field to the form
  • Changing the CTA on a button

Any ideas?


I’ve asked the same question it’s horrible.
Each time I change a variant I have to do the same to all other pages.

Like you I’ve no answer…If you find a solution let me know.


Still no solution? So time consuming.

@Kyle.C any recent workarounds? Is there no way to use short code? What about a custom script?


I didn’t find any solution yet. Maybe with a custom script but if I use unbounce, it’s to not use a custom script for every action. So if you have an idea, I’ll be pleased to hear it.