Dynamically Reorder Sections

Has anyone figured out a method to reorder sections using URL parameters?

One of my best performing keywords in paid search is “hvac salary”. For this one keyword, I’d like the salary section moved to the top of the page. For other searches, I want this section towards at the bottom.

It would be sweet to pass a URL parameter (“SectionOrder=salary”) that would move the salary section to the top!

Maybe I can rework the code from the following guide: Creating a Fixed Header/Footer (aka Sticky Header).

Hi @Phillip,

Dynamically reordering section should be possible in theory but can be very tricky and time consuming.

I haven’t tried doing it but based on my experience and past work:

  1. You need to group each section and the elements within that section (I’ve done something similar for my dynamic section height script that expands and collapses content)

  2. Write a script to re-order these groups based on a URL string/segment/etc.

Now, 1 & 2 are also dependent on the actual design of the page and a few other variables that are page specific.

Did you by any chance run a test already on the “hvac salary” keyword proving it’s worth to switch the sections?