Dynamic Text Replacement With URL Parameters

Hi all! Our company sells domains. We have over 350,000 domains, and would like to transition our landing pages to be hosted with Unbounce.

For example, if you were to go to any domain that we own - for illustration - DomainForSale.com, it currently redirects to a subpage on our site like /buynow/domainforsale.com. This is one page template that gets customized with dynamic text replacement based on the URL - so the lander content has areas that are populated with the domain name and price.

In short, we’d like to redirect all of our domains to a landing page like buy.domainforsale.com, hosted on Unbounce, and do a similar thing because of the ease of deploying on the fly changes and A/B testing.

We were told we can do this by using dynamic URL parameters - however, we’d have to manually set each URL up, and that’s not feasible for the amount of names we have.

The first sales person we talked to mentioned that they had seen clients do this with AJAX requests and that we’d essentially call in the names / prices from an external database…

Anyhow - looking for advice or experience from the community on how this might be approached.

Thanks a bunch in advance!


Hi @Alexandra,

You are correct that DTR would help.

The first step would be to add the domain as a URL parameter (ex. buy.landingpage.com/?domain=domainforsale

This needs to happen at the redirect.

After that it’s a matter of using DTR to substitute the domain name in the relevant places on the page.

TIP: Make sure you test this with the longest and shortest domain names in your list. Just to make sure you don’t break your design once you substitute it on the page.

As far as pricing goes, yes, you would have to load it externally from your DB. Now the list you’ve mentioned is pretty long so that might slow down the actual displaying of the price.

Have you thought about segmenting your list into smaller pieces? Maybe by industry, price or some other factor?

Segmenting would also allow you to be more flexible when testing hypothesis.