Dyanmic drop-down form with data pulled from database

So the scope is, i’d like to display prices for various product packages, where there is no correlation between the prices, so a calculation can’t be used - Sure we can use a table and display 10x prices on there, but it’s not as visually pleasing

We would like to have data feed from a databse, perhaps via a PHP connection or some other form of implementation

I’ve built an example with basic javascript and html, but it’s not easy or simply to adjust the pricing or descriptions, and with no form of automation

Hey @Dream_Team,

Have you tried doing it with an array and some JS+CSS. You would hide/show the relevant Unbounce elements based on what’s needed/selected in a drop down.

This way you can build out the whole page out of Unbounce elements which are easy to add/edit/style and the JS would control what’s shown at any given moment.